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What is Mirimiri?

Mirimiri is a traditional Maori healing practice that can help release emotion, stress and pain accumulated within the body. Through the use of massage and gentle yet purposeful touch, Mirimiri releases built-up tension on both a physical and energetic level to help us come back into natural balance.

How does Mirimiri work?

The practitioner combines massage with guided visualisations before moving into deeper areas of exploration allowing you to witness what lies beneath the surface of your own self-awareness. 

This massage melts away muscular tension, circulates energy, and helps realign your body’s physical structure – all while connecting to the inner wisdom that desires balance.

You may discover emotional releases that can bring you back into alignment with yourself, providing an opportunity for positive change in both mind and body. 

A typical Mirimiri session

A Mirimiri session begins with your practitioner creating a respectful and safe space for you to relax. There is no need to undress. You will then lie down in comfort and ease as your practitioner massages your body. 

The caring touch of your practitioner encourages self-awareness as it brings forth a more spiritual connection between body, mind, heart and spirit. As this connection deepens, blocked emotions can be released and healing takes place both intuitively and instinctively. The transformation that takes place during a Mirimiri session can help restore one’s vitality for life.

How to prepare for your appointment?

Wear clean, loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. You may wish to wear natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, or silk.

So come join us on the journey of Mirimiri – a true blessing for those seeking emotional and physical wellbeing! By allowing yourself to connect with this deeply soulful experience you are led along a path of self-discovery where insight is gained through releasing emotional blockages found within the body.

Mirimiri is not intended to replace any doctor-approved treatment plan.

Take a deep breath.
Inhale peace.
Exhale happyness.

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